Up Her Asshole (2010)

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Adriano’s love of curvy, big-asses women, deep anal explorations, close-up jiggling boobs, frantic ass-fucking, cum-swallowing and most of all, that special connection between a willing slut and a greedily horny guy are what makes his style of POV+ pornography work so well. In Up Her Asshole, Adriano invites us to live his experience with six stunning lovelies who do it all and do it happily. Auburn haired/green-eyed Katie teases on a treadmill in a skin-tight white leotard to create a showcase for her natural boobs and a surreal ass movement that makes Adriano crazy and rock hard. Her deep throat oral skills are on parade as a prelude to a slow ass-probing with a red vibrator. Her ass gets worked, reamed and pounded from every possible direction, but it’s the mouthful of cum that brings out the most playful side of Katie. Raven haired tattooed Mason Moore is every guy’s summer dream: cut-off jeans and bikini top barely covering up a huge rack. She tells Adriano that her amazing round ass is the product of lots of work-outs in the gym. It’s a good thing too because the workout he gives that ass starts with a sudsy wash-down and culminates with buns up cheek spreading ass fuck all shot POV+ like some newfangled anal sex simulator. The rare non-POV view shows us Mason kissing Mike while getting fucked from behind in a tender moment that quickly turns kinky when Mike drains his cum into a martini glass for Mason’s guzzling enjoyment. Where does he find these girls? Leggy blonde-beach babe Blake Rose examines a tableful of anal toys with wondrous anticipation of the fun to come. She demurely whispers when she begs for cock and she moans with a slightly strained face that suggests the anal entry is a tight fit before her asshole loosens and soon sucks up the cock like a hungry girl sucking a popsicle. Her small waist and full tits look great in several positions leading up to her encounter with those wacky anal stretching toys. Of course, she too joins the cavalcade of gorgeous cum guzzlers to toast her romp with Mr. Mike. Exotic Euro girl Angel Dark makes the most of her American vacation with a tour of Mike’s California retreat. The common thread in Adriano’s exposes seems to be cutoff denim shorts, colorful halter tops, bouncing asses supported by the pulled down waistbands highlighting g-strings and a general sense of fun that comes from disrobing and seducing impossibly cute girls. Ms. Dark’s perfect natural boobs deserve special attention… and they get it. Her pretty asshole gets a tongue lashing and her pussy gets a lick-down that delights the foreign lass and seemingly arouses her into a state of total cock-hungry willingness that offers up every orifice on her taut lithe body. Her heavy accented voice orders him to stick his cock in her ass. You can actually see her asshole constricting and pulsing on Mike’s thrusting cock while she moans and squeals in a clearly real ecstasy that can’t be faked. Her elegance is shattered when Mike glazes her lovely breasts and face with thick sticky cum strands that hang from her nostrils and seal her eyes shut. If you like beautiful black girls with major curves, pretty faces, and plenty of sass, then the bonus scene with Kandice Kavelli (shot two years earlier) will fill the bill. KK is a dirty anal slut, talks like a tramp and takes charge since she wants to get that cock in her ass without delay. Her supermodel looks combined with that big black booty and her ability to shake it entice Mike who can’t wait to feel her muscled butt cheeks clenching his hard cock. Those buns get smacked, spanked, squeezed and eventually spread open by Kandice herself who is some kind of anal ‘ho begging for her asshole to be filled with white meat. Gag lovers will appreciate the slurpy wet deep throat choking that occurs before Mike’s cock unloads on a glass plate and our dark skinned lovely laps it up and swallows every drop, making sure to prove it to the POV+ camera, as if anyone would doubt it. Sweet puckering assholes are Adriano’s obsession, but in reality, Mike’s camera leaves no part of the female anatomy untouched. The real asshole is anyone who misses this double-disc set of quality cock stiffening porn.

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