Alternative title: Big Gaping Ass Sodomy, Enema!

All-natural blonde Candice Dare has a huge, thick, round butt seemingly made to break hearts. Anally obsessed director Mike Adriano shoots this delicious slut’s phat ass from every angle. He stretches Candice’s sphincter with a wide dildo and his probing tongue. Bobbing her head and emitting wet, gagging noises, she slathers the director’s giant cock and balls with bubbly spit. In a graphic close-up, Candice expels an enema into a plastic cup! Mike thoroughly reams her big, oily rump until it’s gaping open.

Release date: 18 July 2017
Starring: Mike Adriano, Candice Dare
Network: No items found
Series: Anal Hotties
Movie: Anal Hotties 3 (2017)

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Purple buttplug in ass
Tongue fucking ass
ass to pusy
41:20 anal enema in cup
44:30 anal enema in cup
46:45 anal enema in cup

Candice Dare
Mike Adriano

Candice Dare
Mike Adriano


54:00 final: cumshot in mouth after anal (ATM), blowjob with deepthroat - cum not visible

Dirty moment(s):

34:50 anal lube leakage after pulling out
35:50 anal lube leakage / fart after pulling out
50:45 creamy pussy

Total ATM: 2
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