Pretty, 22-year-old blonde Laela Pryce is a sexy little slut with few inhibitions about nasty anal sex. That’s why she’s a perfect match for rectally obsessed director Mike Adriano! Wearing fishnets, this all-natural cutie shows off her plump, jiggling ass on a treadmill. She deep-throats the director’s dork in a wet, drooling blow job, collecting her saliva on a glass plate. Mike relentlessly fucks Laela’s thick booty until her asshole is wrecked and gaping. He films POV-style as she slurps his throbbing shaft ass-to-mouth. After a deep session of hard-core sodomy, Laela kneels and receives a mouthful of creamy spunk.

Release date: 27 January 2014
Starring: Mike Adriano, Layla Price
Network: No items found
Series: Big Anal Booties
Movie: Big Anal Booties 2 (2014)

Available video quality: 1080p (Full HD)
Female features: Blonde hair
Wearing: Black fishnet stockings, Black heels, No underwear, Pink topless corset
Sex positions:
Lube usage:

Layla Price
Mike Adriano

Layla Price
Mike Adriano


37:40 final - cause: blowjob with deepthroat after anal (ATM), cumshot on tongue, blowjob, swallow

Dirty moment(s):

17:15 dirty asshole and leakage after pulling out
18:40 dirty asshole and leakage after pulling out
20:40 dirty asshole and leakage after pulling out, Layla licking dirty fingers
22:00 - 23:00 dirty anal leakage on penis during anal
26:25 dirty asshole and leakage after pulling out
32:30 dirty ATM (Layla cleans penis with her hands)
35:20 dirty ATM with deepthroat (Mike cleans penis with hands)

Total ATM: 3
Pornstars in this scene:

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