Release date: 1 January 2013
Starring: Mike Adriano, Abbey Brooks
Network: No items found
Movie: Inspector Anal (2013)

Available video quality:
Location(s): Outside
Female features:
Wearing: Black G-String, G-String
Sex positions: Anilingus, Anilingus - Doggy style (Male on Female), Anilingus - Female lying on back, Cunnilingus, Cunnilingus - female lying on back, Missionary, Oral (fellatio), Oral - Female kneeling, Oral - Male standing, P.O.V. (Point of View), Reverse cowgirl, Reverse cowgirl - anal, Standing missionary - anal
Lube usage: Anal sex, Anal sex - 1x, Anal sex - 2x, On breasts


Whipped cream on tits
Whipped cream on/inside asshole
Sucking and licking whipped cream from asshole
Speculum - Anal
Ass licking between anal sex
Kissing after ass to mouth

Anal fucking from the side (standing)

Abbey Brooks
Mike Adriano

Abbey Brooks
Mike Adriano

Dirty moment(s):

Dirty anal leakage 52:55 (full movie version), again at 53:20

Total ATM: 4
Pornstars in this scene:

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